Born 1994 in The Netherlands, Mariah is a Dutch-Moluccan painter based in Amsterdam. Mariah’s work serves as a captivating exploration of escapism. In her creations, she delves into universes that embody both strength and vulnerability, providing a refuge where chaos organically organizes itself into a harmonious composition.

For Mariah, the act of painting is a reflection of her own journey, a happy organization of chaos that mirrors her endeavor to control the diverse impulses of form and color within her. Refusing the conventional portrayal of herself, she has discovered a profound liberation by connecting with her inner child through the guise of the leopard and panther as an alter ego. This unconventional approach grants her the freedom to explore the raw, basic instincts that define her existence, examining how they interact within an environment both intriguing and unknown.

Mariah’s chosen medium, acrylic on canvas, becomes a versatile conduit for her expressions.

Since 2021, her artistic prowess has reverberated globally, with collaborations extending to galleries in Europe, Australia, and South Korea. Mariah’s journey is a testament to her ability to navigate the complexities of self-discovery and artistic expression, inviting all to embark on a visual voyage through the intricate landscapes of her soul.


  • Yudian Gallery, China
  • Malagacha Gallery, Strasbourg France
  • Carré d'Artistes, Paris France
  • Pinzle, Seoul South-Korea
  • Millecent Agency, Paris France
  • Eyefood Factory, France / Austria / Australia


  • Carré d'artistes, Paris France 2024
  • Malagacha Gallery, Strasbourg France, 2021 - 2023
  • The Hyundai, Seoul Korea 2022
  • Eyefood Factory, Nice France 2022
  • Paradiso, Ibiza Spain 2018 – 2021
  • Rivoli 59, Paris France 2021